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Whatever book you’d like to make, Master Self-Publishing Pro is here to help you build it.

Whether it’s a novel, your signature book for business or a suite of books around your business, there are courses here to get you started. Learn what it takes to have a bestseller, how to format your book as well as how to make and publish your own notebooks, journals and planners.

Primarily aimed at coaches, consultants and entrepreneurs, the courses have been developed so that even a child could learn how to publish a book. How is that possible? Well, the courses are broken down into small bite-sized lessons and anecdotal evidence from our learners indicates that children actually have watched the videos and gone on to create their own books, publishing them under their parents Amazon accounts!!!

So what separates MSP Pro from other self-publishing websites? Well, one of the things is that doesn’t just cover books, but also self-publishing card decks and digital products as well. The other thing is the sheer amount of support on offer. Not only does it include a weekly live call, but it also includes a weekly drop-in clinic, where you can have a 1:1 with Karen and she’ll help you with your book, book formatting or hold your hand as you upload your book onto Amazon, Lulu or IngramSpark.

Here’s what people say about MSP and working with Coach Karen Brown:

If your dream is to write and publish a book, then there’s never been a better time to do it.


If you’d like to publish a book in 2021, then time is running out.

The next live running of MSP Pro starts on 5th September, giving you only a few short weeks to publish your book. You can join up now and start working through the online courses, make use of the different support options available. 

The next Master Self Publishing Pro live course starts on 5th September, however, you can sign up now and access the core courses, toolkits and support needed to write, format and publish your own range of books.

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